Veterinary World Association

Patrick Blättler

Patrick Blättler Monnier
DVM president of the board

Patrick runs his own private surgery in Frenkendorf close to Basel, Switzerland. He specialised in acute as well as chronic orthopaedic diseases and pain in dogs. Patrick initialised locomotion measurement in dogs and is Co-founder of the 4dvets, a Swiss start up for diagnostic tools in canine locomotion measurement.

Antonietta Pallavicini

Antonietta Pallavicini

Antonietta runs her own private mobile ultrasound practice and covers the area between Lake Constance and Stuttgart, Germany. She specialised in ultrasound for heart diseases in small animals.

Toni BellwaldToni „Treasure“ Bellwald

Toni is in charge of the financial side.

Veterinary World Association for Canine Kinematically Controlled Locomotion, Neurology, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation.

The goal of this world veterinary organisation is the education and training in the field of orthopaedics and neurology, as well as the rehabilitation of orthopaedic injuries in dogs, or growth problems and gait abnormalities in puppies and young dogs. Any orthopaedic examination of dogs should begin with the examination and observation of the gait pattern. But depending on the experience of the vet, the analysis of the movement can be different. This gap can now finally be filled in practice and without cumbersome and expensive equipment. With the launch of FidoGait, mobile technology is now readily available to every vet. This means that functional diagnostics and thus movement measurement can be built into routine examinations. So, we have the top priority to educate you in the field of kinetics and kinematics in the orthopaedic patient dog. This means that this new technology can also be used quickly in your veterinary practice.

The manual and physical treatment methods for animals, especially osteopathy, chiro-practice and physiotherapy for dogs, are becoming increasingly important. These methods are particularly popular with sports and working dogs. What is already integrated as a standard in veterinary medicine in the USA is becoming popular in veterinary practice here in Europe. But what is still a shortcoming is that there is a lack of objectively measurable data, i.e. an evidence-based monitoring system about the treatment changes. This applies in particular to regenerative medicine such as PRP and IRAP therapy with the autologous conditioned serum.

We attach great importance to the correct orthopaedic examination, not only structurally, but also functionally.

You can see what this means and how it looks in the presentation / video below.

Would you like to learn more about these topics? You have the possibility to register as a member via login. In the protected area for member veterinarians / physiotherapists, you can see the entire Power Point presentation as a video of what a functional examination could look like and how we can then implement it on the patient.